Valencia welcomes the CALICE collaboration meeting

The most granular calorimeters for high energy particle physics visit Valencia in 2022 for the CALICE VLC 2022 event organized by the AITANA group from IFIC.

IFIC, from the AITANA group, is the organizer of the first meeting of the CALICE Collaboration in Valencia, planned for the on April 20-22, 2022.

The CALICE collaboration has been designing and operating high granularity calorimeters since 2004. Initially, R&D focused on the detectors of a future TeV-scale e+e-linear collider. The convincing results in terms of technological achievements and by comparison of the data with advanced simulations of hadronic processes have made the concept of ultra-granular calorimetry developed by CALICE the basis for virtually any future detector design in particle physics including the already approved improvements for the detectors operating at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Currently, the CALICE Collaboration consists of about 300 researchers and engineers from 57 institutes in 17 countries. IFIC has been a member of CALICE and its Institutional Board since November 2020.
The AITANA group is part of the SiW-ECAL group within CALICE. Part of our work is described here.

The meeting of the collaboration organized by IFIC has discuss: the latest technological progress and results; the leading role in the roadmaps set out by the European Particle Physics Strategy and by the European AIDAInnova project; and the preparation of the large-scale beam test campaigns – mimicking facilities similar to small detectors of future Higgs Factories – starting in 2022. In addition, a session dedicated to synergies between CALICE and the Geant4 Collaboration and a «Young Investigators» forum are planned.

The meeting will take place at the Casa de la Ciencia of the CSIC Delegation in Valencia. On the 19th we will have at IFIC a CALICE delegation associated to one of its detectors in development (the SiW-ECAL in which the AITANA group is a participant). In this meeting we will discuss the latest results and developments of this detector and future plans. In addition, thanks to the IFIC outreach team, the delegation will enjoy a guided tour of the IFIC facilities dedicated to the development and testing of particle detectors.


This event has been sponsored by the Consellería de Innovación, Universidades, Ciencia y Sociedad Digital de la Generalitat Valenciana through the CIDEGENT program of the Gen-T Plan.

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