• Katinka Wandall Christensen

    Precision measurements in boosted top quark production with the ATLAS experiment (advisor M. Vos, M. Villaplana). Start Feb. 2024.

  • Melissa Almanza Soto

    High-granular silicon based calorimetry for LUXE and future colliders.(advisor A. Irles) Start in 2023.

  • Laura Karina Pedraza Motavita

    Re-Entrant Cavity BPMs (advisor N. Fuster) Start in 2023.

  • Jose Reina Valero

    Axion detection with micro-wave devices (advisors B. Gimeno and C. Peña) Start in 2023.

  • Miguel Jimenez Ortega

    Measurements of the top quark mass in the ATLAS collaboration.(advisor M. Vos) Start in 2023.

  • Emanuela Musumeci

    Experimental studies on BSM searches at MoEDAL and at future Linear colliders (advisor V. Mitsou) Start in 2021.

  • Jesús Pedro Márquez Hernández

    R&D in Particle Flow calorimeters and studies on prospects of discovery of new physics (GHU, extra dimensions...) with heavy quark final states at future lepton colliders (advisor A. Irles) Start in 2021.

  • Javier Olivares Herrador

    Beam Dynamics Based Design of Compact Electron Accelerators based on X-band technology (advisor N. Fuster). Start in 2021. CERN Doctoral Student.

  • Pablo Martinez Reviriego

    Dynamics of dark currents and radiation in High-Gradient Compact Linear Accelerators for Hadrontherapy treatments (advisors D. Esperante and B. Gimeno). Start in 2020.

  • Abraham Menéndez Márquez

    (advisors D. Esperante and R. García). Start in 2020.

  • Pablo Martín Luna

    Estudio de nuevas técnicas de aceleración de partículas cargadas usando nanoestructuras de carbono. (advisors D. Esperante and B. Gimeno). Start in 2020.

  • Luis Monsonis Romero

    Precise top-quark mass measurements using ATLAS data and fully leptonic signatures (advisor J. Fuster and E. Fullana). Start in 2019

  • Alberto Prades Ibanez

    Measuring the top-quark pole mass with the ATLAS detector at 13 TeV (M. Vos and A. Saibel). Start in 2018. NEW: defended in January 2024.

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