Detector R&D

Detectors for the present and the future of particle physics.

The AITANA group is very active in the fields of accelerator technologies and detector instrumentation. For this latter field, we specialise in R&D of silicon based detectors and in particular we are concentrated on the proposals of detectors for the future lepton colliders.

The next large accelerator based particle physics experiment will, most possibly, be an lepton collider at a relatively high energy. Projects of different natures are currently under discussion. One particular example is the International Linear Collider (ILC)  which produced a technical design report (TDR) in 2013. This project offers a wide high precision physics program based on collisions of polarized electron and positron beam at a nominal centre-of-mass energy of 250 GeV and with potential runs at energies spanning between 91 GeV – 1 TeV. Therefore, the ILC will be a Higgs boson and electroweak factory.To accomplish the ambitious physics program of the ILC, two multipurpose detectors have been proposed: the International Large Detector (ILD) and the Silicon Detector (SiD). Both detectors are optimized to use the Particle Flow (PF) techniques. These techniques require maximizing the information provided in each collision in order to fully reconstruct and separate all particles generated. This implies the construction of detectors with high granularity and featuring minimum dead material. This poses several challenges:

  • the need of designing and producing very thin and low power consuming sensor devices for the inner part of the detector (tracking systems).
  • the design and construction of unprecedentedly compact, low consumption and highly granular calorimetric systems.

In the AITANA group we work in the design, construction and test of novel proposals for the forward tracking systems and electromagnetic highly granular calorimeters for future lepton colliders .

Vertexing & Forward Tracking Systems

CALICE: high granular calorimeters

High Granular Calorimetry for LUXE

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