The AITANA group hosts the 1st ECAL-p LUXE workshop

Worldwide experts on HighGranular calorimetry based on silicon sensors meet in Valencia (and remotely) to discuss the future of the calorimeter systems for the LUXE experiment

The LUXE experiment will explore the uncharted territory of strong field quantum electrodynamics (SFQED) in e-laser and γ-laser interactions at an effective field strength at and above the Schwinger limit. In this regime, non-linear and non-pertubative effects are expected to appear in the production rates of electron-positron pairs. Hence, the number of electron-positron pairs and their energy distribution in e-laser and γ-laser interactions are key characteristics to probe SFQED. This and much more was comprehensively presented and discussed by Dr. Grzegorz Grzelak during his IFIC Seminar (The LUXE – Laser und XFEL Experiment – era of strong fields QED)  which served as appetizer for the workshop and as introduction of the project to the whole IFIC.

In the LUXE experiment, the positrons and electrons originating from non-perturbative QED processes (trident production in e-laser, from the Breit-Wheeler process γ-laser and more) will be measured in different detector systems. The central systems consist of two trackers followed by one electromagnetic calorimeter each. These are the ECAL-p and ECAL-e.

For both calorimeters, the CALICE collaboration and FCAL collaboration propose two different and complementary solutions aiming for high granular systems with two different technological solutions: the fully embedded electronics solution à la CALICE and the ultra-compact solution à la FCAL. Experts from both collaborations and detector concepts will join in Valencia to discuss and plan the overcoming of the different challenges ahead us.

For more info, visit: High Granular Calorimeter for LUXE

The agenda of the meeting:

The meeting was an excellent opportunity for the different groups based from Germany, Israel, Poland, Rumania and Spain to catch up recent developments in all areas of the R&D and prototyping of the positron calorimeter for LUXE. Testbeam analysis, publications plans and a roadmap for prototype production and testing next year in DESY has been delivered.

Part of the collaboration after the dinner at el "Trinquet Pelayo" in Valencia (Feb. 2024)

We acknowledge the support by the PlanGenT program from the Generalitat Valenciana (Spain) with the grant number CIDEGENT/2020/21, the MCIN with funding from the European Union NextGenerationEU and Generalitat Valenciana in the call Programa de Planes Complementarios de I+D+i (PRTR 2022) (project Si4HTopF with reference ASFAE2022/015) and the CNS2022-135420 MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033 y por la Unión Europea “NextGenerationEU”/PRTR.

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