BSM searches with LUXE

Hunting axion-like particles (ALPs)

In addition to probing strong-field QED physics processes, the enormous rate of photons produced in LUXE (mainly through non-linear Compton scattering in the e-laser setup) can be used to search for physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM). One possible scenario is axion-like particles (ALPs) being created via  Primakoff production in the LUXE photon beam dump. By placing a calorimeter at a  fixed distance behind the photon dump and ensuring a low background in this  detection area, decays of the ALPs to two photons can be probed. With a 1 × 1 m^2 detector, a sensitivity can be achieved that exceeds that of other existing experiments  searching for ALPs in the 100 MeV range.

This aspect of LUXE is called LUXE-NPOD (LUXE New Physics search with Optical Dump).


The projected reach of the LUXE-NPOD proposal in the effective coupling vs the mass parameter space. The phase 0 (1) result is shown in black continuous (dotted). The currently existing bounds are shown in grey region.
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